Trash the Dress - Natalie

Trash the Dress - Natalie

The next set in my Trash This Dress series was done with my "adoptive daughter" Natalie. For anyone who hasn't seen the first couple posts about this, [my story is here], and [Amanda's story is here]. The [TL:DR] version is that I purchased this dress and now I need to trash it because the dress and everything that happened before and for almost 2 years after it was heartbreaking to me, and every time the dress gets a little more trashed, I feel a little better about it.

In the field behind The WorcShop - November 2018

Natalie was happy to explore the field and back alley at The WorcShop with me. She & I actually took these the same day I took Amanda's. First, we started with twirling in the field behind the shop. We explored some rusty junk that was left in a pile, checked ou the canal and the other side of the train bridge, and walked through puddles and the dirty metal shop floor, and did it all with our dear friend Goblin.

Natalie & Goblin checking out the pile of rusty junk.

I just love the juxtaposition of the pretty white twirly dress and the dirty back alley and late fall field. We want to revisit this session and play in the canal when the weather finally permits. It was a very chilly 40°f/4.4°c so not exactly the kind of weather you'd want to be outside in a summer-time dress in.

In the field & climbing around.

We weren't on very long, and when we headed back to the shop, Natalie and Goblin got into a little tussle. I had her "beat him up" with her skirts and we were all laughing so much by the end. These sessions were so cathartic and I am glad I have such fierce and supportive friends who are up to being in front of my camera for me.

Natalie & Goblin have a tussle..

I am so grateful to get to do these sessions and each session makes me feel a little less sad and angry. It feels good to get "closure" on that chapter of my life. The flower girl dress that matches this dress doesn't fit my mini anymore either. I want to do a "mommy & me" cake smash trash this dress. So, I have to ask, want to help me trash this dress? EMail me!!

Studio sessions available at The WorcShop Monday, Wednesday, & Friday by appointment. These images were taken on my beloved Canon 70D (Fred) with my new favorite lens, the 24mm f2.8 pancake lens.


Sitting on the wall.

Through the puddles and the shop.

In-camera Double Exposure

In-camera Double Exposure