In-camera Double Exposure

In-camera Double Exposure

One of the first things the Shoot & Share contest did was to inspire me to learn to create an in-camera double exposure. I searched for a video on YouTube for my camera and when I didn't find one for my exact model, but I found one for a similar model. After watching it, I played around in my camera menus until I found similar settings.
The first shot I got from that very first night was not that great., but I love it because it means I figured it out!

First In-Camera Double Exposure - 2.11.2019

The second day was much better, and after playing around with it a bit, I started to get the hang of it. I figured out that a scene with a lot of negative space made for the best 1st layer with the second image being a closer more detailed shot made for the best composition. These were in my kitchen and of a turnip and some filler flowers.

Day 2 - 2.12.2019

Day 3 I tried to get a shot of my mini human and our guard kitty, but the mini human was NOT having it and I didn't try to practice again for the rest of the day.

She loves having her picture taken in the morning...

Day 4 brought me to the studio. It was February, so at the time there were icicles on the railing outside and pretty flowers in a vase inside. I thought I'd try to purposely show how I was daydreaming about the spring.

Daydreaming about spring - 2.14.2019

After, I tried to use the flowers and the tiny dinos in my studio for my tiny dino project. While processing the images I decided to make a couple B&W because, if I'm being honest, I'd shoot just about everything in B&W if I could.

Tiny Dinos! 2.14.2019

I took a little break after day 4 and didn't take another in-camera double exposure again for almost a month. I didn't stop thinking about them though. On 3/11, I was playing around with editing things to an amber hue and took some silhouettes with Photogra T-Rex.

Photogra T-Rex - 3.11.2019

The next day, I finally got an in-camera double exposure that I really LOVED. The one with the pink spray bottle. Just kidding! My favorite if of my mini human doing her homework in the shadow of the turnip.

Finally getting the hang of it! 3.12.2019

I had a lot of fun with these. I shoot with a Canon 70D known as Fred, and lately, I have been LOVING my 24mm f2.8 pancake lens from Canon. It's my main set-up right now, and the one I used for all of these shots. I'll be adding more images to my pet project gallery in the future, I'm sure. These are really fun and surprisingly easy to take.

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